About Tolerance Toolkit

A group of young people in Pittsburgh are building this website about tolerance, respect and acceptance.  This project seeks to eliminate barriers and challenge Pittsburghers to raise their tolerance levels, open their hearts, and accept people as people. Through a project that involves sharing stories and understanding similar struggles, our communities will learn that we are not so different after all.

To us, the Tolerance Toolkit is about:
–          Treating others they way you would like to be treated.
–          Respecting others and earning their respect in return.
–          Helping others to do well with their education.
–          Stopping bullies and helping kids who are bullied.
–          Teaching people around the city to know more about each other.


3 Responses to About Tolerance Toolkit

  1. this website is create so you could express what u feel respect is to u. and dont be scared or worried to share what u feel comfortable about

  2. princesshamdi says:

    please support us by leaving comments about how u feel about tolerance a.k.a respect… we are waiting to hear from you thank you very much…

  3. Leah says:

    Awesome message guys! Tolerance is an important thing to teach others about. Pittsburgh is a very diverse city, and it is important for people of all races, cultures and backgrounds to respect one another.

    Good luck with the rest of your project. I’ll spread the word!

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