Ways to Respond to a Bully

I think the best way to respond to a bully is by acting like whatever way you’re being bullied doesn’t affect you.  If the bully knows it’s affecting you, he will keep doing it to make you mad.  You could try and become friends with them or try and figure out why they bully. You could just try to act nice to everyone and just try not to get in fights. 


What is the best way to respond to a bully? 

–          Not to talk to them.

–          Respect them, and they will respect you back.

–          Act different from your parents and teachers.

–          Make yourself respectful.

–          Stop bullying people and they won’t bully you.

–          If you give them respect, they will give you respect.

–          Make changes over all the students in a school.

–          If a student asks you a question, respond to it – that is how you get respect from others. 



About Tolerance Toolkit

A group of young people in Pittsburgh are building this website about tolerance, respect and acceptance. This project seeks to eliminate barriers and challenge Pittsburghers to raise their tolerance levels, open their hearts, and accept people as people. Through a project that involves sharing stories and understanding similar struggles, our communities will learn that we are not so different after all. To us, the Tolerance Toolkit is about: - Treating others they way you would like to be treated. - Respecting others and earning their respect in return. - Helping others to do well with their education. - Stopping bullies and helping kids who are bullied. - Teaching people around the city to know more about each other.
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