Welcome to the Tolerance Toolkit!

A group of young people in Pittsburgh are building this website about tolerance, respect and acceptance.  This project seeks to eliminate barriers and challenge Pittsburghers to raise their tolerance levels, open their hearts, and accept people as people. Through a project that involves sharing stories and understanding similar struggles, our communities will learn that we are not so different after all.

To us, the Tolerance Toolkit is about:
–          Treating others they way you would like to be treated.
–          Respecting others and earning their respect in return.
–          Helping others to do well with their education.
–          Stopping bullies and helping kids who are bullied.
–          Teaching people around the city to know more about each other.

But we want to know – what do YOU think?  What does “Tolerance” mean to you?   Comment below or share a video response.  Tolerance is about listening to each others’ ideas, so we want to hear yours.

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14 Responses to Welcome to the Tolerance Toolkit!

  1. we want to know how u feel u got a voice let it be heard. so speak!!!!

  2. respect isnt heard to do when u get it back but its always better to respect even if the other person doesnt give u any back.

  3. dont hold back your feelings we want to know what u think. update as when ever you can know how u feel abou respect is important to us!!!!! than you for your support.

  4. abdullahi mada says:

    repect to me means something u gotta earn cuz if u dont give respect u cant get it. it is the key to a happy living life and respectful life.this is abdullahi mada and thats wat i think of respect

  5. abdullahi mada says:

    respect is something u gotta earn if u dont give repect u dont get respect. it is the key to a happy living and respectful life. this is abdullahi and thats wat i think of respect

  6. funny n try ur best to get people to respeact each othere but i don’t think it’ll work……people doin their own 24!t hehehe

  7. Hey there! We are glad to see our comment thread grow and can’t wait to hear your thoughts and ideas about Tolerance. Just so you know, any comments you post have to be “approved” before we will publish them on the site. So when you leave a comment, it won’t show up right away. We won’t censor your ideas or opinions, even if they are different from ours, but we also won’t allow abusive or profane language on the site. We hope you understand. Thanks for reading!

  8. ftmuya says:

    people are all the same
    don’t judge a person on hw they look or hw they do things

  9. ftmuya says:

    respecting one other is not really hard thing to do
    once u tryin u will get better at it and will get respect from others

  10. ftmuya says:

    yea people need to take a deep breath to cam down not getting mad fast is not goin to take them no where you just going to end up in so many problems

  11. mukufu says:

    it is not hard to respect people

  12. mukufu says:

    people are the same , and if u respect them they will respect u back

  13. mukufu says:

    it is good to respect becuase if u don’t respect god sees u and when u die u will be in fire

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